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Yesterday, a friend of mine told me she hated the quarantine. In my head, I thought, "hmm, I kinda like it.". Do not get me wrong, I know the pandemic is awful. I am shocked at the death, and lack of leadership. The despair and loneliness that is part of everyday now, will scar so many of us. The costs and loss are overwhelming.

Yet I am really loving seeing people in my neighborhood taking the time to walk to the grocery or wherever. More couples are walking together, or with their kids. People out in their yards, talking to neighbors across the street, when before quarantine, would barely make eye contact. Families are together. Getting stronger, hopefully. I know some are falling apart, or worse, people are trapped with their abuser. I am a strong believer in family. Pet adoptions are at an all time high. Nights are quiet. Nature is surging forth. There are so many silver linings in my book, but the most important and significant silver lining of this quarantine is the Black Lives Matter Movement.

People acted. They were not burdened by job or other distractions. They had the time to dedicate to their motivation. People were with their loved ones, they felt the need and acted on love together. They risked their lives. They had the courage to act on their convictions.

This is a silver lining. Silver turns black when it oxidizes. Oxidation means being exposed to oxygen and reacting

... breathing? This silver lining is breathing, and turning black. Thank Goodness.

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