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Over the years, I have been very inconsistent with producing new designs. My mind is full of ideas and inspiration. Available dedicated time and motivation for design and development are my hang ups. I am my only employee, so my time gets eaten up by everything from applying to shows and events, photographing my products, vending, posting, listing, responding, learning, making, maintaining... and then I am tired and do not really want to sit down and create.

This year I am prioritizing new designs, and the time it takes to see the inspirations through to finished product. In an effort to successfully accomplish this, I may be low in inventory, or even discontinue designs. I know that new designs are what keeps my fans interested and coming back.

I have just released a new earring design, after many many requests, the Butterfly Earrings! So cute, and I am really pleased. I am also a kicking myself a little for not doing this sooner. But the design process was not smooth. I had a vision in my head, and drew it out, then tried the mock up in paper, it seemed to work. Paper is not metal. The concept was not do-able in metal. I was frustrated, and took a walk. I was not even 3 blocks away, when another idea came to mind. That concept did work, not as well as I would like, but it is good. My skills may improve or I may learn a new technic to improve the results, but the Butterfly earrings are a go, and now listed on my website and Etsy Shop :

The other new release is an old design a customer requested recently. I am not sure why I discontinued production before, but the Hellebore Flower Bud is back in stock.

On deck are concepts for another Ginkgo Leaf Earring, Trillium, Koa Leaf, Zebra Striped Swallow Tail Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly. I feel full of hope and motivated for these new ideas. I am sure my fans will be pleased too. Bring on Spring!

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