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Time to Spring

Spring is so full of promise. The whole year lies ahead to be filled with dreams and wishes. Plant your seeds of inspiration and creativity now. Make your plans, if you haven't already. It feels like the whole world is ready to burst into bloom. Yes, I know the southern hemisphere is experiencing the opposite seasons. The ending of the pandemic seems inevitable now. We have all learned some valuable lessons from this experience. Our priorities have changed. Maybe our lives have changed. Sorrow has touched us all. Grief changes people. Some of us will remember these past two years with bitterness and pain. Few of us will look back on this time with fondness, but some will. Personally, I miss the quiet, the forced down time, the extra time I had with my husband. I welcome back my friends, but my circle is smaller. I welcome booming business back, it seems better than ever. I welcome my new commitment to self care, realizing it is as important now as it was a year ago. We all went through something horrible. Compassion, sympathy, and understanding are required and given more. As with any hardship, let us learn from it. Load your basket with hope and charity, and spring on!

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