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Silver Linings

This is a disaster. Some have lost their livelihoods, some have lost their lives. The grief is... I cry every day. I do not even know anyone who has died. I know some who have been sick, but not hospitalized. I am lucky. I am lucky in so many ways. Counting my blessings has been a soothing practice for me. A reliable, soothing, calming, mood lifting practice. One of the silver linings, I have the time and the need to count my blessings. I have many, especially when I look closer.

This is a disaster. Everything is different. Certain changes will be permanent, others are temporary. The sky is bluer here in Portland, it really is. Wildlife is surging forth all over the world! Waters are clearer, nights are quieter, days are too. I wonder if this will help humans the world over understand our impact on this blue marble.

This is a disaster. Injustices of all kinds are being amplified. Leaders are making fatal and long lasting mistakes in the name of greed, others are making wise and careful choices that will have long lasting benefits. I hope we end up with more of the latter.

Caterpillars become butterflies by building a cocoon and then dissolving completely, pupating, before emerging as a butterfly. The pupa is mush, there are no muscles, no skeleton, no skin, nothing but a mass of goo. The pupa must be thinking, "This is a disaster." when the process begins. Yet, that goo becomes the butterfly with all the knowledge it gained as a caterpillar. It is a miracle of nature.

So, when my life is a disaster, and Ive lost all control, nothing is left to salvage, I have faith that my knowledge, my hard work will pull it all together and I will emerge from the disaster a different person, but better for it. I know it may not be easy. Or it might, I relish in the not knowing. Every day is a new day of opportunity, I have a choice. I am lucky.

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