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She Persisted

It is Spring, one of the prettiest ones we have had in Portland, that I can remember. It has been unusually dry, which is not good, but the sun is so welcome. Spring is all about rebirth, hope, newness. Let us soak that up.

The gloom and doom that is smothering our daily routines is not to be denied. I have more symptoms of depression and anxiety than ever. I practice self care more than ever. It is spring, so I practice yoga in my yard and it is lovely, but there are days I cannot get off the couch and away from the screen. Spring persists. Hope persists. It must.

Without hope, we have nothing. Our systems shut down when there is no goal, no purpose. If you have found that your light has been extinguished because you have lost your job, I sympathize. This is an opportunity for you to grow. It is time to examine goals and purpose. Maybe what you thought was important has changed, been taken away. You are still here. What gift do you have? Focus on it. Focus on happiness.

My husband asked me how I stay optimistic when faced with adversity. All my life I have practiced the choice of happiness. My mother taught me early. It takes practice. I have been pretty blue lately, my business is suffering. I am trying to go big on line, but I am stumbling. I keep trying, and doing. It is improving, I am growing and learning. Find the small successes, wins, cherish them and take another step. Taking a moment or a day to sulk and fret over losses and mistakes is fine, grief is a process. At some point though, step away from the sad and into the glad. It takes effort. It isn't quick. It gets easier. Persistence pays off.

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