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Passion Fashion

I have mentioned before how some of the oldest man-made artifacts are beads, jewelry. Beads may have symbolized family or group connections, beads may have been used to display wealth. Beads are fun to make and wear. Jewelry has function. The more I make jewelry, the more important function becomes.

I recently saw an exhibit of Mexican Modernism, featuring many works by Frida Kahlo. I have always been a fan of Frida. Her choice in clothing, hairstyle, and jewelry were not merely eye catching, but highly symbolic if not political. She wore the traditional clothing of her mother's culture. She wore pre-hispanic jewelry. Her hairstyles and make-up were meant to be noticed.

Jewelry is language. The language of the jewelry I create has evolved. I have three collections, the Forest, the Beach, and the Garden. The items I chose to interpret into jewelry mean things to me. The pine cone, the butterfly, and the sand dollar all have popular meanings, chose yours.

Express yourself, be heard and seen. Have a voice in the world you create, wear it on your sleeve. Do not be fooled into thinking your voice is small. That is exactly what the powers that be want you to believe. Take your power, and put on your earrings. If someone comments, tell them what they mean to you. Start the conversation. Change is hanging from your ears, dangling around your wrist, or swinging from your neck. Big change starts small.

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