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Buried by Treasure

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I love the problems presented to me by people who walk into my booth. Lately, I have been hearing "I have so MUCH jewelry, and I never wear any of it." Being buried by treasure is so much fun to overcome. Take a little reset on how you think about your jewelry.

First of all, jewelry does not have to be dressy or for special occasions. Many of my customers like my jewelry because it is so simple, natural, and earthy, it is not dressy or fancy. And because I do not use stones or gems, the colors are neutral and versatile. I've heard that jewelry is absolutely necessary for online meetings too, some women are wearing bigger statement sort of earrings and necklaces because their head, neck, and shoulders are all that is visible. The clothing they wear has become more simple, comfy or casual and they use their jewelry to look more professional on the screen.

Secondly, I work with power tools and jewelry can get dangerous. So I understand when someone says they just don't wear jewelry anymore. Maybe there are mobility issues, and working the clasps or ear wires is just too difficult. There are easy to use options. But I think the best solution is look through your collection. Pick out the pieces you love the most and keep them. The rest can be donated, or given to family and friends. The pieces you keep should be worn. Wear just one, for a time. Then you can take it off and wear another. By wearing just one piece, you can wear it all the time. Some jewelry is high maintenance and cannot be worn all the time. Maybe that piece isn't the right one for you anymore. Culling one's collection is necessary. If you have a jewelry collection, you love jewelry. Keep loving jewelry by letting the unloved bits go. Even the broken bits can be salvaged by crafty makers, so donate them too. If you have precious gems and metals, pawn or sell them. They can be re-used, repaired, recycled. You may not get a lot of $$, but at least its not just sitting in a box. I have a customer who was overwhelmed by her earring collection, but did not want to stop getting new ones. Her solution? She wears a different pair of earrings everyday and then gets rid of them. I like it.

Myself? I have a small jewelry collection, believe it or not. I tend to wear the same few items over and over again in different combinations. I do have some things I will never wear again, sentimental, heirloom. I have also given away a lot too. I am always excited to get a new piece, especially when I travel.

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