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I skipped my entry last week. I was in a bad mood most of the week. The weather turned gorgeous and I wanted out. I work outside a lot, the nature of doing art and craft shows. Fine weather often meant boosted income. Plus, the two shows I had so far this spring were the best I've had in some time. Signs pointed toward a great year.

And then the pandemic. I am gratefully for the opportunities I had before the close down, I am grateful I have a small presence on Etsy and Pinterest. But the loss of opportunity is overpowering, and I spiraled down. The gaping maw of what is next is stifling.

It is happening to all of us, which is a small comfort. I was just listening to another artist lament about how she lost the opportunity of her life. Her recovery came through advice from an instructor from her past. She was told to fix writer's block by writing in a very limited form, like haiku. The idea being when choice is limited, creativity kicks in. I wrote about this phenomenon in my first blog, "The Upside of Limits".

We have the time, so take it. Think about how you want to fill your day, weeks. If you are trying something new, be kind to yourself if the results are disappointing. If you are bored, try something new, or old. Pick up an old hobby long lost. Pick up your favorite book, game, or craft.

Be good to yourself. Let the shame and guilt go, it is not helpful. Take a nap if you want. Enjoy the simple things, take the time. If you are with someone you love, love them. If you are alone, reach out. The person you call or connect with will be happy to hear from you.

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