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2024 is my thirty-second year of making and selling jewelry. I actually make the jewelry I sell. I believe earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are how we uniquely express ourselves. Jewelry punctuates our wardrobe. I create unique natural shapes to enhance one's sense of style and personal expression.  Inspired by nature, I design original shapes that are hand sawn, cut, and pierced sheet metal. I hammer, texturize, shape, solder, polish, and twist the sheet metals and wires myself. I fabricate all of my work with sterling silver, brass, copper, steel, and gold sheet metals, wires, and beads to complete my designs.I even make my own ear wires!

People rave about how fun my jewelry is to play with. They also appreciate how simple and versatile my jewelry designs are. The natural metals are neutral in color so they go with everything!

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from the Kansas City Art Institute. I started vending at Portland Saturday Market in the fall of 1992.  Now I vend at Vancouver Farmer's Market in Vancouver, Washington, just north of Portland, Oregon.  I also sell at the Oregon Country Fair, Bellevue Art Museum Fair and other quality art fairs in the Pacific Northwest.  Check out my Info Page for my event calendar.  Please sign up for my mailing list too!  I offer promo codes monthly to use in my Etsy Shop.  The only way to get them is by joining my mailing list. 

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