Small GInkgo Pendant
Fiddlehead Pendant
my booth
Fern Pendants
Hellebore Flower Earrings
Locust Pod Earrings
Various Necklaces
Birch Bark Cuff Bracelet
Medium Fern Earrings
Fir Twig Bracelet/Necklace
Blue Butterfly Necklace
Ponderosa Pine Bark Earrings
small ivy earrings
juniper bark earrings
cherry blossom bracelet/neck
forest collection
My Favorite Necklaces
starry necklace
Kelp Necklaces
juniper bark bracelet
small ginkgo earrings
Willow necklace
limpit earrings
garden collection
ailanthus necklace
Willow Earrings
ponderosa pine bark pendant/pin
silver helleboer earrings
ginkgo bracelets
cherry blossom earrings
charm bracelets
solar eclipse necklace
bamboo earrings and necklace
Sand Dollar Deluxe Pendant
scallop shell earrings
Ivy Bracelets
Bech Collection
Snail Shell Pendant
Hemlock Cone Earrings
Seed Necklace

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