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Mind Your Connections

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

This blog post was formerly titled "Business Social".

"Mind your connections" is a rule of design. Consider how two things come together. Do not just stick one thing to another. It is so easy just to slap the power cord on the back, or the logo in the middle, but take a moment, is that the best place? Is that the only option? Could it be better?

Then there is the connection between the object and the user, maybe the most important connection. That lead me to using social media, to increase my connections.

For many years I avoided social media to make customer connections because it seemed too noisy and frivolous. I take my business seriously and did not want to appear vain or superficial.I was excited and a bit worried about finally taking the leap into social media. I had reason to be worried, and call it karma or power of visualization, but Facebook failed me, although they blame me. I set up a business page and personal profile, only to have it be taken down for violating their community standards. I barely had anything on the pages, and absolutely nothing controversial. I am very frustrated and nervous about setting up another Facebook interface. This is my public appearance, quite possibly my first connection to a potential customer. I have no way of knowing what I did wrong. I read the Facebook Community Standards, and as far as I can tell, I obeyed. Facebook's claim to fame is connection. Yet I cannot connect.

I love taking pictures and playing art director and graphic designer, so I am looking forward to using those talents of mine that have been latent for awhile. My website and Etsy shop will be going through upgrades too. I am the only one doing these things, under the guidance of my advisor. Progress will be choppy and messy I am sure. I hope to simplify and beautify (it is important) the whole online shopping experience. It will be more similar to the face to face shopping in the fact that I will be more of a presence. Hopefully you will learn more about me, my processes, my products and continue to be fascinated ;)

If you have any suggestions, or would like to comment on your user experience, I would love to hear from you, good or bad:

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