Garden Collection

Gardening is therapy.  Being outdoors... in a space I create and destroy, watching nature's cycles year after year, I find my place.

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small ginkgo pendant
Elm Link Necklace
hellebore flower earrings
blue butterfly necklace
large ivy leaf earrings
small ginkgo earrings
Willow Earrings
cherry blossom earrings
small ginkgo earrings
twig necklace
small elm earrings
ginkgo leaf bracelet
ivy leaf pendant
hellebore flower necklace
necklaces mixed
Seed Necklace Very Long
lily earrings
cherry blossom bracelet
necklaces w heron
small ivy earrings
Willow necklace
seed earring selection
willow earrings
ginkgo leaf pendant

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blue butterfly necklace

sterling silver with tiny copper dot detail on wings, on sterling silver chain, mechanical moving wings, two sided, $148

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